Ravenswood is a PLL spin-of TV series. If you remember the creepy town Ravenswood where they were looking for Mrs Grunwald. In the series we follow Caleb as he stayed there after the season 4 Halloween episode of PLL. Caleb is there to find answers in the creepiest town in the world. Something’s not right there. It’s a creepy series that you shouldn’t watch alone.

What has happened? Don’t read if you haven’t watched.

There’s 3 episodes of Ravenswood so far.

Episode 1 Season 1

Caleb and Miranda stays with Miranda’s uncle in his house. Mrs Grunwald works there, I don’t really know what she does but she says she’s there if she’s needed. Or something like that.
They know that something’s not right there. Someone tries to kill Caleb and books falls of tables.
Both Caleb and Miranda found their photos and names on graves. They decided to get answers, and that’s why they stayed in Ravenswood. When they go to the graveyard the day after that their names are gone, and so are their pictures. Someone don’t want them to see them. Or could it be the opposite? Someone put them there to make them stay in Ravenswood and then take them away so no one else will see them? Maybe the one who did it isn’t a human? Maybe the city has it’s own powers.
Caleb asks Remy, a girl that works with the newspaper, if she could find how his “copy” (but he said his related because that’s probably what it is) died. She tries to but I don’t think they think it’s important anymore after what’s happened next.
Remy finds a pattern. There been wars where only one soldier survives. In a week after that happened 5 kids dies. That has happened several times. And now there was an attack to her mom and all of her mom’s coworkers. Only her mom survived. Is this a part of the pattern? In that case 5 people is going to die this week.

In the end, Remy, Caleb and Miranda is in a car. Then they pick up Olivia and her brother (I forgot his name) and they driving. They comes to a bridge. On the bridge Miranda sees something, it was like a ghost or monster. She grabs the wheel and stirs away. “Watch out!” That’s her last words before the car splashes into the water.